Collateral Design

First and foremost, brand collateral – from packaging and print to business cards and brochures – is about getting your brand noticed and strengthening the bond between your company and your customers.

Making collateral materials that are compelling and memorable for your customers and prospective customers requires superior design. Our designers at Clear Mind Graphics (CMG) add to your marketing toolkit with creative, eye-catching designs that are applied to the right products in the right way.

Marketing collateral design is a very important element in the overall branding process and is essential to your company’s marketing communication plan.

At CMG, we blend the art of design with marketing science so your marketing collateral has a real impact for your business. Our expert designers pay close attention to details, while also keeping a big-picture perspective on the role of collateral in building your brand image.

CMG creates marketing collateral designs that consumers can relate to, and that they feel empowered by. In this way, through the design of marketing collateral we capture the essence, or personality, of your brand!

We also ensure that your marketing collateral is consistent across all the different channels and mediums, also known as brand touchpoints. The types of marketing collateral that CMG can produce for your business include the following items:

  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Newsletters
  • Company Fact Sheets
  • Media Kits

Ultimately, marketing collateral quickly communicates the primary brand selling points of your business and products to potential customers in a visually compelling manner. When done by our highly skilled designers at CMG, your brand collateral influences the way your company is perceived by prospective customers. Consider that your business card, brochure or letterhead is the first point of contact consumers have with your brand.

The marketing collateral that we create for you will also build credibility for your business. Prospects won’t buy your products if you have not established credibility and built trust with them first. You’ll earn credibility and legitimacy with a powerful marketing tool – the look and feel of your marketing collateral materials.

Well-designed marketing collateral should always make a positive first impression and speak volumes about your business.