Successful branding is all about telling a story that will influence customers’ emotions in a plain and simple way. Branding is important because it allows your customers and clients to know what to expect from your company. It also distinguishes you from the competition while clarifying what it is you offer that makes your business better than your competitors.

A brand logo contains both text and visual imagery that serves two objectives. It creates a visual symbol that represents your business. And some logos have powerful symbolic association connected to people’s memory. A well-designed brand logo should convey to customers that you are trustworthy and that you deliver quality goods.

Ultimately, a brand logo communicates your company’s core values and ideas in a compelling way.

CMG Sets Your Business Apart

When you choose Clear Mind Graphics for your branding needs, you are working with an agency that will increase your business’s visibility and awareness to the right consumers — your target market! Our branding experts at CMG get to know your company intimately as we design an effective and aesthetically pleasing brand logo.

Then we examine your industry and we evaluate questions such as, who is the logo for—your target audience, and who you are up against—your competition. Different usage of your brand logo is typically referred to as “logo application.”
Enjoying the Creative Process

Our designers at CMG are artists at heart who are also experts in marketing within a technical environment. As your marketing partner, we brainstorm different concepts as we develop and hone your brand identity. During this brainstorming phase, our designers sketch dozens of logo ideas and then select a handful to present to you in digital format.

The creative branding process continues as CMG come up with initial designs in Illustrator— the gold standard for vector-based drawings and logos. Don’t expect that the nicest looking or safe logos will be chosen. Together we will select the brand logo that clearly distinguishes your business from the competition and helps you stand out in the marketplace.

During the refinement stage we will go through numerous iterations as we collaborate to make improvements and changes to your brand logo. Sometimes our clients choose just one idea for refinement and other times our clients will parallel just to see where they go. This stage of the honing process is where the fun happens!

It is worth noting that your brand logo serves as the foundation for the entire narrative on which your brand is built.

A great logo is not the end but the beginning of determining the perfect brand identity for your business. Your comprehensive branding package also includes a business services menu or rack card, social media headers/artwork, business cards, and all logo files.

At CMG, we are committed to establishing your brand identity with the perfect
brand logo that will enable your business to stand out from the competition!