Heritage Coffee Roasting Co.

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Package Design
Web Design/Development
Collateral & Signage

Additional Info:

Heritage Coffee Roasting Co. was established in 1974 with one simple mission in mind – to bring great tasting, freshly-roasted coffee to Southeast Alaska. In order to deliver on this goal, we seek out the world’s finest Arabica coffees and artisan roast them by hand on our vintage Probat drum roaster in downtown Juneau. We then package and deliver this coffee to the consumer as quickly as possible to maximize freshness and flavor.

Heritage Coffee Roasting Co. is deeply committed to our Alaskan roots. We are locally owned and operated by people who are invested in the success of our business and understand the responsibility of giving back to the community that supports us. Every year we provide hundreds of donations to local causes, and participate in fundraising events with the purpose of providing healthy activities for the youth, and support for the Alaskan arts community.



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