kind words.

I have been working with them for well over 10 years. They never let me down! They respond quickly and do exceptional work.
~Maya Lovlien, Owner

I have worked with the Clear Mind Team for many years. I highly recommend them as a team that listens to your needs, and is very responsive and creative. Always a pleasure to work with professionals like their team!
~Rachel Wolfe, Broker

This is an amazing team to work with!
~Annie Lentz, Owner

Clear Mind Graphics has been a collaborative and reliable partner for almost 10 years. These ladies are very creative, knowledgeable and professional. Not only do they communicate extremely well but they are cost-effective and time sensitive. I could not be happier with our partnership!
~Jennifer James, Owner

Great customer service! Professional, creative, and always willing to jump right in. They make my ideas come to life and add just the right amount of pizazz!!
~Mary Mitten, Executive Director

Working with the Clear Mind Graphics team has been an incredibly worthwhile experience. Their creativity, attention to detail, and ability to deliver our website on time and on budget were fantastic!
~Justin Williams, Publisher

seo & web design for ski shop.

Owner, Pk’s Ski Shop – Ritchie Thurston

Overall Rating:

They couldn’t be better.

If I need to set up a schedule, I call Sarah’s cell phone and she’s here at the shop in 15 minutes and no longer than a day’s time.

I get a good ROI.

Willing to Refer:
I recommend them all the time.

We had a website but it wasn’t generating any traffic. We also do online reservations which I also thought could be bigger. We put in certain keywords and at that time, we were on the second page. I figured it’d be a good investment to get a new website to improve our web presence.

We sat down, and Clear Mind Graphics totally built a new website from scratch because I didn’t want what we had. I put together a wish list and in some cases, they’d tell me if it was feasible or not. They had other options, and they were most often better than my ideas.

The team also does our SEO and keywords, and I rely on them to tell me what to do. We did a refresh in Fall 2019 where we worked on things that I wanted to change or make easier.

We work with Laurie (Partner/Client Services) and Sarah (Partner/Creative/Web Director).

I knew I wanted to keep it local, and Clear Mind Graphics is in the same area as us. I met with them and went through their portfolio. I loved some of the stuff they’d done in the past. I knew I didn’t want to work with a giant corporation.

In the last 5–6 years, we’ve been at least on the first page. We’re either number one or two. We’re probably 400% up in reservations. It’s been very successful for us. They made the website really user-friendly so I could make changes on my own.

That was a huge deal for us so that Clear Mind Graphics didn’t have to make all of the changes. They made it very easy. Our website is different than a lot of other ski shop websites. It’s a lot more informative. If anyone needs any information on any ski that I carry, it’s on my site.

I don’t mind talking to someone on the phone for a long time about it, but when we’re really busy, I can just send them to our website and they can find all the information they need.

Most people are fairly impressed and they go right to our reservation site and book it for the week. I’ve had other ski shops ask who does our site. I wanted it a lot more image-based as opposed to text-based, and the team worked with me on that.

This is one of the reasons I wanted to keep it local. I called them, almost embarrassingly, when I had a hiccup during Christmas, which is my busiest time. I probably called Sarah at 11:30 on Christmas Eve and she had it fixed by 8 am the following day.

That was huge for me because I didn’t know enough about it. They’ve really made it seamless for us. Their response time is spectacular, and they’re on top of it. They’ve made the process easy for me.

Clear Mind Graphics is open to a lot of different ideas. They listen to my wish list and give me options if it’s possible. In some cases, their ideas blow me away. They’ve been fantastic for our business.

No, there’s nothing I’d have them improve.

I had a wish list, I reviewed a ton of other ski shop websites, and I looked at what I did and didn’t like and what fit our style. I was completely honest with Clear Mind Graphics.

They took a lot of my ideas, and they knew the image of my business and what I was looking for. They always had a ton of different options to present to me. I would advise customers to be honest with the team and tell them what your ideal goal is.

I’m lucky I have their cell phones on speed dial if I have a problem which was my biggest concern. They know my business and my style. They’re skiers and customers of ours, so they knew what I was looking for.

We’ve spent $10,000–$12,000.

We started working together in October 2014, and our engagement is ongoing.

web dev & print design for prescription assistance service

Co-Founder, SimpleFill – Maya Lovlien

Overall Rating:




Willing to Refer:

’m the co-founder of SimpleFill. We’re basically a prescription assistance program. We find resources for patients who can’t afford prescribed medications. Once we find the resource, we do all the work to enroll the patient and keep the patient enrolled in these programs by working with them, the doctors, and the resources directly.

I started with them because I needed a fresh look on our website.

Clear Mind Graphics developed our website on WordPress. They also designed our website to make the platform pretty. Their team brought a lot to the table, but I also contributed to the design process. We continued to work with them because the project was a great experience.

If there are any issues with the website, they take care of them. Their team monitors and manages all the site’s certifications to make sure the platform’s safe.

They also created all of our print advertising materials. Their team basically transferred the website’s look onto all of our print marketing materials such as brochures, letterheads, and envelopes. Their team continues to handle all of my print materials. If I have to make an order, I shoot them an email and then they ship everything.

I mainly communicate with Laurie (Owner) and Sarah (Owner). I’ve also worked with their print, sales, and development teams.

We live in a small town, so I knew Sarah and Laurie personally. When they started the business, I decided to work with them because they were professional.

I’m satisfied, so much so that I’ve referred many people to them. Their team never says that they can’t take on a project. They learn and figure out a solution, which makes them a one-stop-shop. Their team works hard to get every project done. They’re reliable, personable, and deliver exactly what I want.

They provide a team lead and a project manager. We tell Laurie what we want and then she works with Sarah who makes sure the project’s done correctly. It’s a helpful process. They have a good partnership that ensures the work gets done.

They have a quick response time, which is important. For example, I shot them an email that our website submission page was down. They jumped on it. Their team understands their priorities and knows when a task needs their attention. They also take the next steps forward to make sure that we’re covered.

They’re communicative about timelines. If I have a question, they’re quick to provide a good response.

Clear Mind Graphics is a one-stop-shop for me. Their team provides excellent customer service, response times, and turnaround times. They design, develop, and maintain our website as well as create brochures and letterheads. We don’t have to go to a bunch of different places to have our needs met. Their team functions as our creative department that we don’t have to pay for full time. They’ve been an incredible asset to my business.

No, I’d give them top ratings.

There isn’t advice to give because Clear Mind Graphics takes care of everything. You’re in good hands with them.

We’ve spent about $20,000 on their services.

We started working together around July 2013, and the partnership’s ongoing.

web design & dev for tourism company.

President, Wings Airways & Taku Glacier Lodge – Holly Johnson

Overall Rating:




Willing to Refer:

I’m the president of Wings Airways & Taku Glacier Lodge. We provide glacier site-seeing experiences for traveling guests during the summer months in Alaska.

We initially had a need for an active website. We had started with a smaller company and, though I thought they did a good job, I knew that there was a better way for us to engage more with guests.

Our challenge is that our guests come to see us from around the world one day out of a whole year and we’re competing in a market that has many other tour experiences. We wanted a company that could take us to the next level to connect with people.

In the beginning, Clear Mind Graphics, Inc specifically did website work, which involved telling our story and helping us come up with a narrative, vision, and picture. They also worked on creating something that was a little more interactive and would help us stand out against our competitors.

As the years went on and our trust built with them, the team moved our paper scheduling system onto an online platform. They made a custom program just for us. Additionally, they’ve done other work to make us a better functioning company, including marketing campaigns.

We have two primary contacts, who are the owners of the company, and I’ve also worked with a developer occasionally.

We heard about them through word of mouth from two friends who had worked with Clear Mind Graphics, Inc. After seeing their work, I decided to see if they were a partner who could work with us, and they were.

I’ve given them my expectations and they’ve always exceeded them. Generally, our numbers, access, and productivity increased from both the website and the online scheduling program. Their work took us to the next level.

Clear Mind Graphics, Inc has been valuable in so many ways. We’ve been able to connect with all of our employees, so everyone is engaged with our schedule. Additionally, we’ve been able to provide our guests with an easier booking process.

Their communication has been incredible. I’ve worked with designers in the past, and sometimes we speak two different languages even though we’re working on the same project. When I began working with Clear Mind Graphics, Inc, we spoke the same language and they were able to talk to me outside of their technical expertise.

They were able to tap into my vision and bring it back to me in a language I could understand. One of our challenges is the distance, but they’ve made it easy and it doesn’t feel like we’re so far away from each other.

The team has been able to communicate very well and that’s one of the reasons our relationship has worked so well. We used to do conference calls but now we use Zoom for our meetings, and we also do screen sharing.

I’ve always trusted Clear Mind Graphics, Inc and have felt like they’re very innovative. The team has been able to tap into resources that I couldn’t have imagined. They have accessibility to and knowledge of technology.

Additionally, they never pressure us; instead, they offer options for what could be done. Their communication has also cultivated a level of trust and has opened up the doors to new opportunities. If I feel that something doesn’t work, the team is always respectful.

No, not that I can think of.

Coming from a long-distance standpoint, I would advise potential customers to take the time to put their vision down on paper and come up with examples. It’s easy to have a vision but make sure that you give them as much information as possible for them to make it happen.

We’ve spent about $150,000.

We began working with them in the summer of 2011, and we’re still working with them. They constantly update the website each year to make sure it’s fresh.

ads & design support for alaskan artist gallery.

Owner, Caribou Crossings – Tanja Cadigan

Overall Rating:




Willing to Refer:

We’re an Alaskan retail gallery that represents over 60 local artists.

We reached out to Clear Mind Graphics, Inc to help with advertising and graphics.

They handle our creative assets for digital and print. That includes presentation pieces for cruise ships, rack cards, and the likes.

I work with Sarah (Partner & Web Manager) and Julie (Graphic Design Manager).

I met Sarah in Juneau about 10 years ago, and that’s when I started working with her for projects around the community.

I appreciate that they always give me options. I’m generally clear on what I want, but they’re able to listen to my needs, interpret my expectations, and elevate the final result. It’s a fresh perspective on my own ideas.

They’re super organized and manage themselves as much as they manage me. If they need something from, they’re very clear about it, which helps keep me on track, too. Set guidelines and timeframes make them very easy to work with.

The team also works with me and my manager differently. My manager is more technologically advanced than I am, so she collaborates in a different capacity. When they work with me, they accommodate what I need in the moment that I need it. We communicate through text, phone, screen shares, email, and Dropbox.

Besides their patience and clarity, they understand my personality. That means they know how to work with me and meet me where I’m at so that we can keep moving. If I’m stuck on something, they know how to interact with me to get past that.

It’s been quite nice. Even when they moved out of my town, I stayed with them. The years we’ve worked together is a testament to how much I like working with them.

No, I don’t have any critiques. If I do have a problem, I can tell them what’s not working, and we’ll restart. There’s no discomfort with being upfront with them because they’re such precise communicators.

Knowing what you want to do can help bring the best out of your partner. Don’t just leave it to them to interpret your needs or only bring their ideas. It’s also a good idea to bring examples to be as clear as possible.

Over the years, we’ve spent around $65,000 with them.

We’ve been working with them for over 10 years. The first project was probably around March 2010.