A Website That Will Get You Noticed

Maybe you’ve attempted to design your own website and encountered the stress and frustration of not knowing how to present your business assets in just the right way. Perhaps you have utilized a templated website design that caused you to battle through its inevitable aethestic and functionality limitations.
You shouldn’t have to divert your valuable time and energies to website design when you would rather be focusing on running your business!

That is where Clear Mind Graphics (CMG) come in! We have the legacy knowledge and proven expertise to design a custom website for your business that is tailored to your unique brand. We know how to create a beautiful website that will get people talking about our business.

A Website That Captures Your Unique Story!

Like your DNA or fingerprints, your business is unique and unlike any other. Your products or services are an extension of your distinct brand image. So you want a website that reflects the character of your brand and how your brand makes people feel.

At CMG, we understand your desire for your website – the cornerstone of your visual branding campaign – to tell your unique and distinct story! Unlike templated designs that are a “one-size-fits-all model, our websites capture the essential qualities of brands. Our one-of-a-kind layouts convey in color scheme, font type, navigation tabs, infographics and, of course, the banner , the Unique Selling Points and primary brand selling points of businesses.

Websites That Drive Sales

At Clear Mind Graphics, our expert, and highly skilled designer knows how to create a website that exquisitely and beautifully showcases your products and services. As we get to know everything there is to know about you wares, we incorporate these elements into the design of your website.

By working closely with you, our creative website designer at CMG will present your products and services in ways that generate maximum appeal. Utililizing infographics, eye-catching images, and interactive features, CMG will present what you have to sell in ways that are designed to entice visitors and prompt them to make a purchase. We also use state-of-the-art functionality to make it simple and fast for website visitors to learn about and buy your products.

Brand Consistency Throughout Your Website

Like an artist rendering tells a particular story, your website should reinforce the same story in all the elements of your website. This gives visitors the opportunity to view a cohesive portrait of your brand with the brand messaging the same on every Web Page.

Every Page from your HOME Page, ABOUT US Page, to your PRODUCTS and SERVICES Pages should illustrate the same brand image throughout. That is why your highly skilled Clear Mind Graphics designer creates a purposeful layout of your company’s website. Everything from the hierarchy of information to the navigational functionality serves the objective of giving your visitors a consistent and cohesive perception of your brand identity.

By having Clear Mind Graphics design your website, you have the advantage of a designer who is an expert in both design and creativity. Your website designer brings specialized skills that deliver seamless execution and development of your unique website!

What Makes for an Effective Website

A website that tells the story of your company’s brand in a clear and compelling fashion and prompts visitors to become customers. Another element that constitutes an effective website is rich content. This means a website that uses various mediums —words, images, photos, graphics, PDFs, etc. that illustrate the main selling points of your business.
In order for a website to be successful— converting visitors to customers— it should include the use of infographics. Infographics are visual representations of information. Infographics can be very effective because it is typically easier for people to remember visuals more than text.

An important aspect of an effective website design is also an interactive design. Interactive features can include completing email forms, posting customer reviews, registering for a webinar, watching a video, downloading a PDF, etc. These features motivate visitors to stay on a website for longer periods of time. Infographics also stimulate interest in a particular brand’s products and services.

At least half of all consumers access websites using smart phones. You want to expose your website to as many people as possible. This means you need your website to be mobile friendly. You want responsiveness in your website. When a website is responsive, it auto-fits to the size of a phone screen. In short, you want your visitors utilizing smart phones to access your website to have the same rewarding experience as people viewing your site on their computer screens.
Finally, if your website is going to be a success, it should use search engine optimization (SEO). One of the most important factors of a website is its presence in the search engines. At Clear Mind Graphics, we know how to design your website in ways that search engines can easily read and rank your Web Pages! When your business ranks high on search engine results pages, your potential customers can find you quickly and easily on the Web.

Contact our Clear Mind Graphics designer, Sarah Murphy, today so she can get started on creating your beautiful, highly functional website!

Meet Your Designer — Sarah Murphy:

Sarah Murphy has 15 years of website design experience. She’s passionate about new ways to display engaging information through the use of design.

“Designers have the opportunity to design a better future. We love design because it’s a way to problem solve. We take all the little things into consideration when designing materials so that not only does it meet the needs of our clients, it also speaks to their customers. We take pride in the fact that our team has a big picture vision for every design project as well as that client’s business as a whole. It is our pleasure to design a better future for our clients.”