As an entrepreneur’s we never stop learning!

We may graduate from school, but we never stop learning. New jobs, new roles, new relationships: all require the acquisition of new knowledge. To stop learning is to stop improving.

Despite its importance, so many of us develop bad habits and faulty techniques that undermine our ability learn effectively, says Nate Kornell, an associate professor of cognitive psychology at Williams College who studies learning strategies.

Below, Kornell outlines three fundamental principles to learn by.

1. Embrace discomfort
One of the most common – and detrimental – mistakes Kornell often sees is our collective tendency to equate performance with how much we are learning.

In reality, these two metrics are often in direct opposition. Kornell offers the following example: say you’re at the gym, attempting to work out with 10-pound weights. Even a few reps are exhausting, and so eventually you swap them for 5-pound weights. Suddenly, the workout is easier. You can do more reps. You feel instantly stronger. The problem, of course, is that while the lighter weights make you feel better about your performance, the heavier ones were providing a better workout…


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