Clear Mind Graphics Weekly Website Inspiration from Clear Mind Graphics on Vimeo.

Oh man this site is BEAUTIFUL! The illustration is simple, colorful and incredibly inviting. It’s a modern and beautiful use of parallax design, something we are trying to nudge our clients into trying out. No more tiny boxes for web pages?! All this scrolling? YES people, this is what’s happening and it looks so good. This kind of design allows the user to scroll down and take it all in vs. going from page to page to page. On top of the great experience that this site offers it supports an incredible cause. Responsible paper selection. Though the world has made a major transition to web for marketing and advertising we still produce print pieces for our clients on a regular basis. It’s tangible and seems to really connect with consumers. Especially when we get to choose a nice paper that has a look and feel that people get to interest with. This site talks about efficiency, buying green, clean and choosing paper producers that are transparent about how their supply chain operates. Now, here’s where Laurie, our recycling guru and environmentally savy account manager starts rolling her eyes at me… I’ll confess, I’m the WORST about recycling and I only do it to please Laurie. I won’t get into the details as to why I’m this way because deep down I know there’s no good excuse. is ONE MORE tap on my shoulder to remember why it’s so imperative that even when we use paper for beautiful print pieces for our clients there’s always a way to shop responsibly.

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